Our Story


Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak (LFMO), or Women of the Métis Nation (WMN) is the recognized voice of Métis women across the homeland.  Operating in a democratic, transparent and fiscally accountable manner, we influence public policy and decision making related to concerns and aspirations of Métis women at all levels of Indigenous and Canadian government.  A secretariat of the Métis National Council since 1999, WMN was incorporated in 2010 at the organization’s inaugural meeting. 

By motion of the Métis National Council (MNC) Board of Governors, WMN has been created to enable Métis women to take an active role within Métis Nation governance.  WMN is the national and international voice for Métis women.  WMN aims to consult, promote and represent the personal, spiritual, social, cultural, political and economic interests and aspirations of Women of the Métis Nation in Canada. 


Our Mission


Our mission is to ensure that Métis women from across the homeland are safe, connected, empowered and have the capacity to work with other Canadian and Métis organizations to help create the conditions for healthy, vibrant and productive communities throughout the Métis Nation.

We are guided by six strategic goals:

  1. Build a strong, successful and responsible organization whose voice is heard throughout the Métis Nation;
  2. Be caretakers of traditional knowledge and the voice of Métis women;
  3. Ensure that the perspectives of Métis women are included in community economic development;
  4. Foster culturally appropriate learning environments and lifelong learning to improve the educational outcomes for women and all Métis learners;
  5. Help Métis people lead healthier lives and help create the conditions for healthy and vibrant communities; and
  6. Advocate on behalf of Métis women.

Basic Organizational Capacity Multi-Year Funding serves to enhance the capacity of LFMO in three primary areas:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Core Meetings
  3. Office Operating Costs

Under the guidance of LFMO’s National President, we conduct regular meetings for the Board of Directors, hold general meetings, and provide a communication mechanism between and among Métis Women and the Government of Canada.


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