Economic Development

Métis Women’s Entrepreneurs of Canada Portal

The objective of the Métis Women’s Entrepreneurs of Canada Portal is to enhance Métis women’s access to training, employment and business development supports and thereby increase the participation, employment rates and the number of Metis women who operate their own businesses.

Métis Women’s Entrepreneurship

Research contracted by Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada (AANDC) confirmed that little to no reliable literature and studies have been conducted about Métis women entrepreneurs.

WMN will seek funding for research to organize information about Métis women entrepreneurs regionally and nationally and will also explore the feasibility of creating a national directory of businesses run by Métis women entrepreneurs that can be accessed online.

Métis Nation Economic Development Portal

The Métis Nation Development portal hosts economic development strategy, policy and program documents that reflect what is happening in the dynamic field of economic development. The portal also tracks important Métis economic development events and provides a platform to share the event information.

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