Our Priorities

It is WMN’s goal to continue to enhance the role of Métis women in their communities, nationally and internationally. In that regard, WMN has established the following priorities:

  1. To be the recognized voice of Metis women nationally and internationally 
  2. To raise awareness of issues relevant to Métis women and the Métis community;
  3. To establish a democratically accountable governance model and ensure that WMN has grass-root support among the women of the Métis Nation;
  4. To operate in a transparent and fiscally accountable manner;
  5. To participate effectively in influencing public policy and decision making related to concerns and aspirations of Métis women at all levels of Aboriginal and Canadian government;
  6. To maintain the cultural distinctiveness and preserve the cultural identity of Métis women;
  7. To enhance the role of Métis women as keepers of traditional Métis knowledge and culture;
  8. To enhance the cultural education and development of young Métis and the Métis people as a whole;
  9. To preserve and promote the Métis culture, traditions and Michif language;
  10. To develop a plan to address health issues relevant to the Métis community including availability of health services, mental health issues, and alcohol and drug addiction;
  11. To address issues of violence against Métis women including raising awareness and racial sensitivity in the justice system to promote healing;
  12. To enhance the social and economic development of Métis women and the Metis community;
  13. To assist the Métis National Council (MNC) and its Board of Governors to strengthen Métis Nation citizenship; and
  14. To work with the Federal Government in the development of a long-term economic strategy for the Métis Nation.
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