Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc.

Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. 

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Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. (Les Filles) is the provincial organization mandated to provide a voice for Métis Nation women across the province of Saskatchewan. Incorporated on May 31, 2018, Les Filles was established in 2008, with an inaugural meeting and election of the first President.  As with many Métis women’s representative bodies, Les Filles de Madeleine continued operation and organization without core or capacity funding to support its on-going development. By will, determination and goal-driven leadership, Les Filles have begun many progressive strides and growth towards synthesizing and amplifying Métis women’s voices within provincial Métis governance structure and further, provides vital input into the National Métis women’s organization. 

The goals of Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. are to:

  • Promote the development of programs and services which seek to address issues and right of Métis women and which improves conditions which are unique to their circumstances; and
  • Ensure at all times, a strong collaborative relationship between the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, the political bodies within the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S); their directors and citizens as well as Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc., chapters and members which in turn supports the needs and interests of the grassroots women in Saskatchewan both regionally and at the national level.

With the leadership of current President Tammy Mah, Les Filles de Madeleine has been recognized by the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and has secured a dedicated seat within the structure of the Provincial Métis Council. Through this position, President Mah has met with the twelve (12) Regional Directors to encourage Métis women in each region to step forward as a women’s representative for their region. Laying a strong province-wide foundation for Les Filles de Madeleine is integral in harmonizing the voice of Métis women throughout Saskatchewan. To date, three of twelve (12) regions have held elections while the remaining nine (9) elections are in process with locations and dates set. The election of a Métis women representative in each region will create the full complement of the Board of Directors of Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc.

The twelve regions within the Saskatchewan Provincial Métis Council that will complete the Board of Directors of Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. are:

1.    Northern Region 1: La Ronge Region;

2.    Northern Region 2: Buffalo Narrows Region;

3.    Northern Region 3: Ile-a-la-Crosse and Pinehouse Lake Region;

4.    Eastern Region 1: Cumberland House Region;

5.    Eastern Region 2: Melfort/Tisdale Region;

6.    Eastern Region 2A: Yorkton Region;

7.    Eastern Region 3: Fort Qu’Appelle Region;

8.    Western Region 1: Meadow Lake Region;

9.    Western Region 1A is the North Battleford Region;

10.Western Region 2:  Prince Albert Region;

11.Western Region 2A: Saskatoon Region; and

12.Western Region 3: Regina Region.

The objectives of Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. are:

 i.         To consult with its local chapters to identify issues, concerns and needs of Métis women and their family(ies);

ii.         To develop a continuum of support services and to seek funding resources for their delivery;

iii.         To deliver culturally sensitive programs and services which are tailored to meet the needs of Métis women and families;

iv.         To negotiate and partner with existing government and non-government organizations to access available programs and services which address the needs of Métis women and families;

v.         To share information with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan concerning the needs and conditions of members which need to be addressed by the Métis Nation;

vi.         To support and cooperate with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, Provincial Government and the Federal Government in obtaining resources, developing programs and delivering services directed at the needs of Métis women;

vii.         To support the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan in addressing and advancing rights of Métis people as an Indigenous people, including the right to self-government; and

viii.         To support the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan in its effort to have such rights entrenched in the Constitution of Canada and/or in the Saskatchewan legislation

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